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We offer

FREE 30 days trial.
Dapty™ as a prepaid service,
no bills, no debts.
Monthly fee from € 1.90 incl. VAT.
Easy online payment
through our website and PayPal.

Dapty news

Lightning Talk at FSCONS 2012
Coda installer update (May 2010)
Dapty demo avaliable over AFS
Dapty freely avaliable at Chalmers
LLVM available in Dapty
Other news.

>>>> Free Dapty demo available over AFS [server relocation, be back]

Lightning talk at FSCONS 2012

Are you

  • Looking for a computer not demanding updates of this and that?
  • An Overloaded Computer Neighbourhood Wizard?
  • Fed up with downloading, installing and upgrading?
  • In need of a setup for colleagues/students/employees' computers?
  • Wishing that user experience was tied to users instead of computers?

Built on the unique Zero Locality technology, Dapty lets you - or your colleagues/friends/relatives/neighbours - use thousands of programs without ever installing and maintaining any of them.

Sounds like a web-technology? Not at all. This is a very different way of putting things together. And it actually predates "cloud" becoming a buzzword.

We share software installations over a global file system such that nothing that we share makes assumptions on what will be available on the local computer. This implies that we can provide invisible and safe updates. Sharing several versions means that users may choose different update strategies.

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